We specialize in drone technology, including everything from multispectral agriculture analysis to 3D mapping and inspections. Based in the NJ/PA/NY area we are here to meet your UAV needs globally, whether your business is large or small. All of our pilots are Part 107 licensed by the FAA and OSHA certified while each flight is insured. We make safety our Number One priority.

We also partner with local and state government agencies in modeling public safety initiatives that integrate drone technology. Those projects include everything from active shooter drills with county prosecutor’s offices to litter abatement programs with the NJ Clean Communities program.

Drones have made leaps and bounds from ordinary toys to scientific instruments leveraged in almost every industry today. One of those areas of advancement is in 3-dimensional mapping. We will work with your business in fine tuning a mapping methodology that meets your needs. You may own a 40 acre farm or manage a large construction business, the needs for each require different mapping solutions. Farms benefit from the use of near-infrared NDVI maps which detect the health of crops while construction sites require detailed 3D maps with GPS tags down to the centimeter, along with volumetric measurements of assets on site.

Whatever your need, we have a recommendation. Whatever your questions or concerns, our team has a response based on knowledge, experience and science.