DIY Water Quality Sensor Build

Water Quality Sensors
Our Water Quality Sensor System

How to add RTK to Pixhawk UAS

How-to: Add an SD-Card Logger with LCD Display and File Reset Switch to ZED-F9P

This Adafruit Feather M0 Adalogger can be added to either your base or your rover module.

What to Build the Drone Pilot That Has Everything ?

Here we show how to build a kiosk that displays current local weather and FAA advisories.

How To Build a Complete RTK System

Sky Horse Assists in Raritan River Cleanup (video) – 8/24/2019

Chatanika Gold Dredge No. 3 Inspection (video) – Alaska July, 2019

Sky Horse Tech visits ACUASI at University of Alaska Fairbanks

Read more about our July 17, 2019 visit to the Geophysical Institute at UAF. This campus is home to the UAS IPP partnership in Alaska (ACUASI).

Dr. Peter Webley reviews the Boeing ScanEagle with our lead UAS pilot

Active shooter drill (video) – Phillipsburg HS June 29, 2019

Track inspections in NJ (video) – June 2019

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